Here We Go!

9 01 2010

So.  I’ve ordered it all.  Crossover, cables, wood, drivers, plans.  It’s pretty exciting.

When I talked on the phone with Don Naples at Wood Artistry LLC  about the wood for the speakers, he was pretty enthusiastic about the sound of the Orions – so much so that he’d sold he’d sold his own Wilson WATT/Puppies after hearing them.  Don was most helpful, and in the end I settled upon zebra wood for the front and rear midrange/tweeter baffles, with paint ready maple for the rest of the cabinet.

As Siegfried suggests, I ordered the 12-channel AT-6012 from ATI.  Shipping to Canada was only an extra $43 over the price quoted on Siegfried’s site.

I ordered the drivers from Madisound.  They arrived in four days at my place of work in Vancouver, BC.  The whole lot of 10 came in two boxes, well packed and undamaged.

The Seas tweeters are heavy, soft-dome jobs with copper rings around the drive units:

The Seas Tweeter

 The mid is also a solid affair, with a bright copper cone fixed to the magnet structure:


 Mid Cone

Here is one of the two Peerless woofers that will be incorporated into the lower units:


Here’s the whole family, with a Blackberry Curve in there for scale:

3 drivers

 I am expecting the plans to arrive in a few days, followed by the crossovers. 

Next update then!